Alcohol Safety and Responsibility

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Don’t Drink and Drive : Just Cab It !

Here is an excellent alternative to drinking and driving; Take a Taxi ! Sounds easy, and it is! We will make it even easier for you with Harrisburg City Cabs.

You don’t have to spend a lot of time trying to figure out a local Taxi Cab Company to call. We have already made your decision easy for you. Call Harrisburg City Cabs or contact us through our contact section of our website to pre-arrange transportation.

Our prices are competitive and you may also enjoy the luxury internet discounted prices found  in our special section.No matter what you think the taxi fare will be, the cost is far less and worth far greater in terms of safety to you and those around you. And of course the fare will be incomparably cheaper than a DUI/DWI.

Let licensed, insured, trained, experienced and reputable Harrisburg City Cab drivers serve as your ” designated driver’s”. Not only are they sober, they just might have a few insider’s tips on the local club scene.

Visit our special section to see if any special offers apply, and also take advantage of our contact form using the code Alcohol Safety as the company code or simply call us at 717-232-5555   24/7 !!!